Egg Burger

My father usually buys snacks for me and my sister after he comes back from his work and we will be waiting for the snacks to have it with tea/coffee.Though I am not a fan of Tea/Coffee I like to have it for the sake of snacks.And one day my Dad bought something from a bakery shop as he felt that it was something new.It was packed in a box.When I opened it I found burger with french fries.It was the first time I tasted burger.It was so new.But I liked it a lot.At that time burger was new to us and rarely available in our place.But now there are many branded burger shops available.I never thought that I would make my own burger but now I started making it in home now and then.Let’s see how I made this egg burger.

Preparation Time : 10 mins

Cooking Time : 5 mins


For making Fried Egg

Pepper powder 

For layering burger

Tomato ketchup
Sliced Tomatoes
Sliced Onions
Cheese slices


1.Cut buns into halves.In a tawa add about 1 tsp of butter and toast them.After toasting take them and Keep them aside.

2.In tawa Add 1 tsp of butter and add eggs season it with pepper,salt and oregano.Flip it and cook it till they are done.

3.To one half of bun add about 1 tbsp of ketchup and mayonnaise on other bun.Spread it nicely.

4.Add cheese slices to one half of the bun and tomato,onion slices on the other bun.Place lettuces over the cheese slices.

5.Place fried egg over the lettuce and top it with the other half.

Serve with Ketchup.
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Wish You all a happy new year 2018.Hope you have nice celebrations.Have a cheerful year ahead.

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