How to make Idli/Dosa Batter-Soft Idli-Crispy Dosa-இட்லி தோசை மாவு – 2 in 1 batter

I have stopped myself many times from posting this recipe. Since it is a most common and simple breakfast of South India. It is a quite familiar breakfast of India. Anyhow I made up my mind to post it as it will be useful for people who are new to cooking, Bachelors. From childhood, I always have enmity towards Idli. But I love dosas. Idlis would be heavenly on some days when mom used to cook Idli along with Idi Sambar, Coconut Chutney and Idli Milagai podi. The nice aroma coming out of mom’s kitchen when she is roasting the spices of Idli milagai podi awakens me to have more Idlis with them. After coming to Oman everything changed and I started longing for Idlis. I miss Idlis of mom as I miss her especially Idlis with Idi Sambar. I used to finish a big bowl of sambar with 2 Idlis. Mom used to ask whether you are having Sambar for Idlis or Idlis for Sambar. At first, I used to buy instant store bought dosa/Idli flour since I am naive in making the batter. But as I was not satisfied with it. I started making the batter in my Mixie (Preethi Blue Leaf) asking the recipe and tips from Mom. Finally this year I brought my Wet grinder (Premier 1.5 litre table top wet grinder) back from India. Nowadays I make Idlis, Dosa batter once a week or 2 weeks once. From my personal experience, You can get nicer, fluffier soft Idlis when you make the batter in Wet Grinder. And below is the way how I make the batter at my home. I use the same batter for making Idli and Dosa. I follow 4:1 ratio of Rice and urad dal.
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Idli Dosa Rice – 2 cup
Urad dal  – 1/2 cup(Dehusked, Whole)
Rock salt
Water as required


1.Wash Rice and Urad dal. Soak them in generous amount of water for about 4-5 hours.

2. Drain water from soaked urad dal and add them to the wet grinder or mixie. If using wet grinder Add about 1/2 cup water and allow it to grind for about 20 to 30 mins.check in between sprinkle some water if it required. When it is nicely ground. Then remove them from the grinder and transfer it to a vessel.

3. Now drain water from soaked rice. Add them to the wet grinder. Add about 1 cup of water little by little at intervals and allow it to grind for about 30 minutes. When they are finely ground. Remove the batter from the grinder and transfer it to the same bowl. Add Rock salt to the batter. Mix well both the batter with a ladle or with hands.

4. Close the bowl or container with a lid and leave it to ferment for about 8-12 hours overnight. sometimes it may take more hours to get fermented depending on climate. When it is fermented well you can find that the batter has doubled and has risen. If you are using it immediately. Add a pinch of baking soda and mix well the batter. If not using it immediately store it in the refrigerator.

For making idlis

Add water to the batter and mix well. The batter should be of neither thick nor runny consistency. If its too thick add a little water to the batter. Add enough water to the idli steamer and bring it to boil on high flame. Now grease the idli plates or moulds with oil or line the mould with a wet white cloth(make the cloth wet and squeeze the water completely). I usually prefer the latter method.  add a ladle full of batter to each mould. Close the lid of the idli steamer and cook the idlis. The idlis will take about 7-10 mins to cook in medium flame. After 6 or 7 mins Insert the back of a spoon into the Idli, if it comes out clean then the idlis are ready. Do not overcook else the idli will get dry. Remove the idlis from the mould after 2 minutes. sprinkle some water at the back of the cloth so it will come out easily from it. Serve with Chutney, Sambar or Idli podi.

For making Dosa

Add water to the batter and make it to a runny consistency. Grease the iron tawa or non-stick pan with oil. Take a ladle full of batter, pour it to the centre and spread it around. Add a little oil or ghee to the edges of the dosa. When one side has turned crispy. Flip it to the other side. Cook for a minute. Remove from the Tawa. This pic was taken a few months before. Will update this with a new pic of dosa soon.

Serve it hot with Sambar, Chutney or Podi
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If you have kept the batter in the Refrigerator. Take it out of the refrigerator at least one hour before cooking. Add a pinch of baking soda, mix well and then make Dosas or Idlis.
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