Wheat Parotta

Hi all. Hope you are fine and doing good. Belated Eid wishes. This eid was entirely different from the other eid. Finally, on Eid, I saw the world outside my home after 3 months. Everything was not the same as before. Usually, on eid holidays you can see people spending their holidays in parks and places. Now they are closed and empty. We went in car to the hotel ,got some food parcels from there and came back.We didn’t even get out of the car but at least me and my kid were able to see something new after a long time. Usually, on other Eids, I used to cook and share with others. This time I didn’t cook anything. The morning we had chicken harees, Dahi vada and sheer khurma made by our neighbours. I felt so happy and blessed.

In this eid holiday I also tried many new baking recipes-wheat pizza, biscuits.When Making it for the next time I will make a post of it.

And on holidays I seriously missed my family and food. I was asking them to send their pics as well as the food pics too. So that It ‘ll be a treat to my eyes. Even though we had got food from the hotel nothing can beat home food. I want to have Mutton biryani. Hope I ‘ll make it in the coming days and fulfil my hunger for it.

At this holidays I also made parotta with salna. I made Parotta with wheat and served along with Roadside style Salna. I love this combo a lot. I learnt these recipes from my mom.

Let’s see how to make this Parotta at home.

Preparation Time : 1 hr

Cooking Time : 4 to 5 mins for each parotta

Makes : 8


Wheat flour – 1.5 cups

Sugar – 1 tsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp

Curd – 1/2 cup(sourless)

Oil as required

Ghee as required


1.Take wheat flour in a mixing bowl. Add sugar, salt, 1 to 2 tbsp oil, curd and mix well with the hands. Then add water little by little, mix well . Knead it into a dough add a tbsp of oil to it.

2.Then start kneading them it to a soft dough for about 15 minutes. Finally add some oil over it. cover it with a lid and allow it to rest for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Then knead them again from about 5 minutes and divide them into balls.

3. Then dust the counter top or rolling board with flour and spread it thin as big as possible with a rolling pin.Spread oil over it with a brush or hand then sprinkle some flour over it. Pleat the dough and then roll it into a round, Tuck the end to the center. Make similar rounds with the balls.

4.Now heat the pan.grease it with some oil. Then take a rolled dough, put some oil in it and start to flatten it with the hand. Now put the Parotta in the hot tawa. Heat them on both sides to golden in medium flame. You can add some oil or ghee to it to make it crisp. After making 3 Parottas you can stack them up and beat them with the hands at the sides of it to get layers.

Serve hot with salna, veg kurma, Mutton korma.

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