Prawn masala

Prawn is my favorite all type sea food.This masala style prawn recipe is a spicy,tangy dish made by sauteing prawns with tomato and onions.It goes well with Rice and Rasam,Sambar…

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Chicken Liver with Potato

Chicken livers are high in protein although the cholesterol in chicken livers is high they contain different important nutrients.So you can add it occasionally in your diet.I love chicken livers…

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Masala Egg omelette

Masala Egg omelette is my favorite egg dish.You can have it for breakfast,lunch or dinner.It is simple,easy,filling and delicious one.My baby also loves this a lot.So I make this often.Eggs…

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Meen Varuval / Fish Roast

Meen varuval - an awesome spicy dish .It is very tasty and different from the usual  fry.This dish is made with freshly blended  masalas and is shallow fried.Use firm flesh…

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Spicy Prawn Fry

Prawn is my favourite Sea food.I used try a lot of recipe with this prawn.One such recipe is Spicy Prawn fry.Its so spicy,tasty dry recipe.You can also have it as…

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Mutton Biryani

Mostly all Non-veg lovers love Biryani.I am a great fan of biryani. My inspiration for cooking biryani is my dad.He makes biryani for eid and we share it with our…

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