Meen Varuval / Fish Roast

Meen varuval - an awesome spicy dish .It is very tasty and different from the usual  fry.This dish is made with freshly blended  masalas and is shallow fried.Use firm flesh…

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Onion Raita / Vengaya Sambal

Onion Raita / Vengaya Sambal is the mostly prepared raita for veg and non veg biryani,veg and non veg pulao.Its so simple and tasty.It have a special place in the…

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Poondu Rasam / Garlic Rasam

Poondu Rasam / Garlic Rasam is the rasam which I commonly make than the other rasam.I will make it atleast once a week in my lunch.It helps in digestion.It a…

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