Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer(cottage cheese) is the most common type of cheese used in Indian cuisine. Dishes made with paneer are usually rich in taste. Today I made this butter paneer masala along…

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Palak paneer

Maybe bcoz I m from Southern part of India. Making palak and paneer together was somewhat odd to me. And even paneer was introduced to me only a few years…

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Paneer Pulao

Paneer Pulao a quick and easy recipe.It is so simple to make.It requires only some ingredients but ends with a delicious and aromatic pulao.You can have it with Raita or…

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Paneer bhurji Sandwich

  A simple Indian styled sandwich for fastfood lovers.It tastes so amazing when you put breads,ketchup and mayonnaise together with paneer bhurji. You can make this for your kids lunch…

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Dry Paneer Bhurji

  Paneer(Indian cottage cheese) has its own fan followers.Its a good source of protein and calcium.It helps to burn fat. Paneer bhurji is a dry vegetarian side dish .It can…

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