People travelling in an escalator seems to be like Super Heroes to me.I used to wonder how they  stay so cool,climb in that so fast,when i cant even put my first step into it..I have never climbed the escalator alone.Mostly i prefer elevator and staircase.It takes a lot of time to search for a elevator.People coming with me get annoyed because of this.They say that its so easy,”you have to just place your leg,it will take you up”.It may sound simple to hear but it is so hard to do it.You may be physically strong or weak , mentally strong or weak but fear for something will make you freak out.Oh God !,” This Escalator freaks me so badly”.
                           I love watching movies on theater.I have not gone to theater after my baby was born.So after she was born this is the movie we are going to watch.On a Friday eve, we planned for it lately.So we were not sure whether we could get tickets.My husband preferred to check in the nearby mall for the tickets.But I was insisting him not to go there because we can only use escalator to go to the theater.Anyway i got ready with the hope that i wont get tickets.We reached the mall.We went near the theater.I stood down near the escalator watching the people climbing it.My husband went to get the tickets.
                            After some time I saw my husband in the escalator coming down.He didn’t have a smile at his face.I thought he didn’t get tickets.Though it was unhappy,I was laughing inside.I asked him about the tickets.He was putting an unhappy smiley face and then took out the tickets from his pocket.My mind now started to think how ll I go and watch the movie,how can i escape from this.There was about one hour for the movie to start.So we were doing window shopping.But I cant put my mind into it only the escalator comes in mind.I felt chillness in my palm and feet.Sometimes i felt like i couldn’t even hear or see anything.
                    It was time to go to the movie.I was so nervous.I felt like using the rest room.There was a rest room to the left side of the escalator.When i came back from the rest room.I saw two kids getting into the elevator.Actually the elevator was in an unexpected place.I came out and told my husband to check about the elevator.I was praying that the elevator should go to the theater floor.After some time I saw him coming down through the escalator.I was smiling seeing him.It was a big relief.Finally and happily We went to the theater and watched the first movie with our Baby.Now I ll go back to theater and watch movies without any “Escalaphobia”.