Omani Tea

                  My husband usually takes us out to the nearest Park after he returns from his work.I used to prepare our dinner and get them is so nice to eat outside because myself and my baby are within the four walls the whole day.In Oman ,the people used to bring their food, sit in groups,and have them together.They are the inspiration for us in this.It is so nice to eat,talk and play under the moon light. Like wise last week we went to the park. We took a walk for one hour and then found a nice place to sit down and have our food.We opened our food and started eating.It was parotta and chicken curry.
              Suddenly two black cats came from nowhere and surrounded us. They were looking at us like when ll u feed us with what you eat.I was so nervous of that cats.My baby was also afraid of it and she got onto my lap.Finally after sometimes we ignored it and started eating.There was an omani family near us. they were packing their things and were about to leave.I  found a gentleman from the family coming towards us.
              I thought he was going to feed the cats but to my surprise  he offered us with paper cups and  poured the tea out of the flask.he also gave us a box of sweets made from their home.First we hesitated to get it because I am not a very great fan of tea and sweets and we don’t want to waste the food.Finally we got it and thanked him.We felt so happy of his kindness.Then for the first time I tasted omani tea.Wow I loved the tea and became a fan of it.I can say that was a best tea I tasted.Then we returned home and I was fully talking about the taste of the tea.I was so eager to know how they made the tea, what ingredients they add to it.The smell of tea tempted me to drink it.I asked my husband to ask about how to make Omani tea from his colleagues.we had the sweets it tasted yummy.The sweet is called Basbousa.
           Next day I tried out different methods to make the tea .But there was a vast difference from my tea to Omani tea.Hope one day I  will  know how to make the omani tea that taste like the one I loved.