Rava Laddu – Rava ladoo

I couldn’t make up my mind to post recipes these days, that is why there are no frequencies in the updation of posts. And today I am going to post a recipe on laddu or laddu made with Rava/ Semolina or sooji. My favourite laddu is maa laddu and motichoor laddu. This Rava laddu is a simple recipe with only a few ingredients. Adjust sugar as per your taste. You can make it and store it for weeks as we add only ghee, Rava, sugar.

Let’s see how to make it.

Preparation Time: 30 mins

Makes: 48 laddus


Rava/ Semolina – 2 cup

Sugar – 1 and 1/4 cup

Ghee – 1 cup or as required

cashews – 15 nos

cardamom powder – 1 tsp


Dry roast Semolina in a heavy-bottomed pan on low flame, until you get a nice aroma and turns lightly golden. Add sugar to a blender, grind it to a fine powder. Add the roasted Semolina along with the sugar and grind it a little coarsely. Transfer it to a bowl. Fry cashews, add the fried cashews and cardamom powder to it. Heat ghee and add it to the bowl. When the mixture is warm enough to touch, make balls with it. Add more ghee if you are not able to make balls and the mixture is dry.

Rava laddu is ready.

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